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My goal is to organize digital media marketing techniques and make them accessible for your business/idea. If you don't feel like reading, I made this video for you. Please note that the services below are bundled into the Bronze package, Silver package and Gold package.  Details are to be provided during the audit process.

Where The Magic Happens


Done For You

If you are trying to keep your payroll as small as possible, then this option might be best for you. During a series of thorough meetings, I will gather as much information about who you are, what your business represents, and why people should follow/buy from you. Once I have all my data I will put together marketing activities that we both are satisfied with. Then I will put systems in place that digitize your brand's personality & sales process, so you can focus on the business's next move.

Done With You

If you would like to keep your team in-house then this option is for you. When it comes to things that need to happen organically, like company culture and professional development, it can be best when those functions start in-house. Even with my input at the table, it's up to you & your team to make the final decision.


For the most part, I believe you know more about your business than I do. Sometimes it just takes a fresh observation and a few optimizations to the presentation of your service or product to break through a plateau. Let these workshops be those "ah-ha" moments.

Services May Include

Organic posting, Facebook ad management, content curation(gifs, jpg, videos,glb), video ads, influencer ads, remarketing ads, Facebook set up, optimizing to-date Facebook profile, Facebook messenger automation, Facebook Pixel, engagement strategy, community engagement tactics, social listening.
Analytics,  audience identification, organic growth strategy, social monitoring, paid ads, content creation, comment management, direct message management & engagement strategies, hashtag strategy optimization.
Augmented Reality Guest experience
Features an array of blockchain-based(crypto services).  We can discuss what options are available during our consultation meeting.
Google SEO
Optimizing keyword targetting, Google ads, Google Ad-sense, display, analytics, Pay Per Click(PPC) techniques, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), link building, website affiliates.
Website Hosting
Green web hosting services - 100% powered by renewable energy and carbon offset.  Web design, landing page creation, landing page maintenance domain(s) hosting, conversion rate optimization (CRO), hosting/maintenance, ADA compliance, SLL Encryptions, automatic offsite backups, multiple DNS servers, and more.
Workflow automation, customer journey optimization, lead generation optimization, customer/guest service optimization.
E-mail Management
Information email strategy, composing digital newsletter, product updates, transactional emails, wellness checks on customer base, email optimization(filtering messages, email signatures, automatic email responses), email automation.
Customer Service Training
Objection handling, customer service recovery, telephone communication, active listening, negotiating, exhibiting empathy & patience exercises, brand standard communication, tonality exercises.
Content Creation
Drone videography, Adobe Master Collection editing, day-to-day content curation types(gifs, jpg, JSON, Lottie,glb,png,etc) influencer identification, product promotion, branding, photography/video, ADA compliance, and more.
Event Brite campaign management, Indiegogo video production, Canvasing (in-person & telephone)
Discord Management
Growth strategy, channel monitoring, paid shilling groups, direct message management & engagement strategies, bot channel.
B2C NFT Development
Option of a single or collection of NFT's designed to be launched on Solana, Cardano, Ethereum, or Polygon. Metaverse/Augmented Reality guest experience, pop-up metaverse/augmented Reality kiosks. ERC-20 & ERC-721 Smart contract development. ERC-1155 development is in progress.

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